So i had just recently performed in front of all the spanish classes in my highschool for a spanish fiesta project thing where i had to sing (Or play an instrument if i could) with a group to a spanish influenced song. I have been playing for about 3 years and this was my very first time performing in front of people. I chose to cover the song Smooth by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas for my performance.

I know i had made some mistakes because my teacher miced her boom box to the PA system (Which the volume was set too low!), the PA system for the singing was set too low, and the singing really sucked cause the girls i ended up being in a group with did not study the song at all. (And i barely turned up my amp which i used a Egnater Tweaker 40 and i only had the volume at the 9 o'clock position). And i know the little improv parts did suck cause i don't really know much theory and stuff like that.

So tell me what you guys think, point out my mistakes, and give me some good advice so i can mature into the best guitar player i can possible become.
I've heard people who have been playing a lot longer than you play a lot worse than that. Really, that wasn't to bad. The volume balancing was God awful, but from the video and what you've said, that was more the teachers fault than anything. I don't know that song at all, I've never heard it, but their were a lot of dead spots in it where you didn't play anything. When you have spots like this in a song, you want to roll down your volume knob, otherwise the guitar will amplify even the slightest movement you have, and makes your playing sound sloppier than it really is. Other then that I thought you were pretty decent
Looks good. You can adjust your volume though if you feel it's too loud. Gigs that don't have a FOH you should do that. Just keep practicing and improving.
I did my first preformance too a few months ago I had only been playing for a few months so it was very nerve racking! I played a cover of Flight of the Conchords Hurt Feelings, Teenage Kicks by The Undertones and Ever Fallen in Love by the buzzcocks. I preformed Teenage Kicks and Ever Fallen in Love with my dads band and Hurt Feelings on my own. Its quite a buzz doing it on stage infront of people