so im confused with the numbering system with the RG and Saber series and i was wondering if you could suggest one.

My budget is between 500 to 800 NZD

24 Frets, HSH pickups are preferred. passives plz, but im open to actives.

I want an Ibanez - either RG or S series.

Im willing to go used - trademe.co.nz is probs where i'd buy off. If the listings are in auckland that would be cool as gee.

the Ibanez dealer for NZ is Musiworks.co.nz - they are the only place selling new ibanez guitars.

my current gear is avergage. see my sig. Yes, most of you will be like "get a new amp".
I have access to a 75w vypyr, and i live in a small house. hence the MG. i need a new guitar though, my aria stg has a rusting tuner and electronics are almost about to possibly go to shit.


Personally, i'd try and get a hold of any Ibanez thats made in Japan, like the two i linked you are. Both have the original Edge trem, which many people claim to be the best of the Ibanez tremolo systems. (along with the Edge Pro and Lo-Pro) Both are fairly old and unoriginal, hence the low price. Although, having said that, many people still pay a good amount of money for old japanese Ibanez's because of their quality. I personally have an Rg1570L made in '08 which i love. The 1570 is basically the replacement for the 570.

Going new the best you're going to get is probably something along the lines of http://www.musicworks.co.nz/electric-guitars/rg350mye-ibanez-rg-electric-guitar-yellow/. This particular model has the Edge Zero II trem system that hasn't been out long enough to really be sure of its quality. (can almost guarantee that it wouldn't be as good as an original edge, edge pro, or lo-pro system though) and many models which the stores have in stock will probably have the Edge III which is notorious for being made out of cheap materials and wears out in a few months, and therefore doesn't hold tune.

New japanese Ibanez's cost around 2k sadly, i got mine back in '10 for $1600 but when i went back to the same store a few weeks ago i saw the same model, but in right handed configuration, for $2050. It could be an idea to watch trademe for awhile and see if any other japanese Ibanez's turn up in slightly better condition, or continue to save the pennies and buy one new if you know you won't replace it for years to come.

Edit: found this on Musicworks site http://www.musicworks.co.nz/electric-guitars/s1xxvfgr-ibanez-premium-25th-anniversary-s-series-electric-guitar-fluoro-green/ One of the new 25th anniversary S series the Ibanez have just released. A little bit out of your budget atm but from what i've heard here on UG and Sevenstring.org the premium series (made in indonesia) can be comparable to the japanese made Prestige series. The premiums are meant to be the cheaper alternative to the prestiges. The workers in the indonesian factory were apparently taught by the japanese workers and the quality is somewhat similair. imo, for $900 NZD thats a pretty damn good deal although the fluorescent green might not be your thing.
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Judging by the descriptions given i'd assume its just a crack in the finish on the back of the neck. Which may or may not affect its stability and playability, i'd suggest doing some research on that kind of damage. If possible, i'd also suggest trying the guitars out first to see if you like 'em. At least one of 'em is in auckland. If you go and see it in person before you buy it you can inspect it and see how it feels to play. Always a good idea imo.