I'm in need of a new guitar, What is a good one for $200 or less? I know it's not a lot to work with but that's my limit. It needs to have dual coil pickups too.

Your best option would be to save some more money. Seriously, at under $200 you're going to get so small of an upgrade so as to not be worth it. Unless you're still an absolute beginner and your old guitar is broken or something, there's no point in spending $200 on a new guitar.

For $400 you have more options.
spend 25 $ more and grab a Agile 2000 .
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I'd look for a used guitar, but to get anything good you really need to spend more money. My main guitar (out of 4) cost around 350 used, plus 120 more to upgrade the pick-ups.

For the money you could get a cheap entry-level guitar and maybe upgrade the pickups and tuners later down the road.
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Look used. I bought an japanese ibanez rg470 last week for 150$.
Fantastic guitar, only needed a little tlc.
anything that your going to find new for that price isnt going to be more then a polished up diddly bow.

used market, im sure u can find something half decent
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If you are going to get anything other than a Agile 2000 or a Xaviere *guitarfetish.com* then I suggest the Douglas Spad at rondomusic.com
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Look used. I bought an japanese ibanez rg470 last week for 150$.
Fantastic guitar, only needed a little tlc.

Nice deal, I bought my Ibanez used too.
Used Ibanez-Guitars are pretty cheap and still pretty good playable. Okay it depends a bit to the previous owner^^
I've played some really nice Schecter Omen 6 and Damien 6's around the price range you're looking at. The stock hardware is nothing too amazing but they're playable and hold tune well. I'd say the weakest part of them is the pickups if you find a good one. As others said, rondomusic.com and guitarfetish.com have some decent guitars for cheap. Also, look at used Ibanez guitars. if you can find a beater that still has good hardware on it (trem/bridge, tuners, no cracked neck or anything) you might be able to pick it up cheap.

really the best thing to do is save money, but i know that's not always an option.