I can do a pinch harmonic, 4 string sweep, and natural harmonics. How do I move up and down the fretboard, like from high e to low e, and side to side 1st fret to 21st. I need to be able to do it faster. also any tips on sweeping 1 more string? I can sweep 3 string cleanly but I get difficulty when doing 4 string. also something called the "pinky pattern"? Lastly I want to be able to play the riffs/solos on these songs, but I don't know the technique. here are the songs:
for this song I can't play the solo
for this song i can't go up and down the strings fast enough (look at 1:24)
for this song i can't play the solo (arpeggios)

any tips on helping me, or for improving my technique. also sorry for my english and capitalization, english is not my first language.
How do you move up the fretboard when soloing? In your case, have a look at arpeggios (can be sweeped!) and sequencing.
How to sweep faster? By not rushing in to it, taking it easy, analyzing your technique and practising.
Pinky pattern? I think that's just using the pinky to play licks, for example when you play 5-7-8 on any string, play it with the 1st, 3rd and 4th finger instead of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd finger.
Those vids you sent? Just practise, really. Don't play faster than you actually can - honestly, no-one likes sloppy players (not "dirty" like some blues players, "sloppy" like noobs). If you absolutely ace a relatively simple lick, your band (and audience) will like you. If you play a super hard lick completely out of time with a couple of mistakes in it, no-one likes what you're doing except that 13 year old kid that things 'u r teh br00tz'.
Also, that kid on the left in your second vid completely screwed up that solo.
Listen to that. We can all learn a lot from that guy.
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alright thanks, i guess i'll practice a lot more than. I know what arpeggios are but are there any tips you can give me when sweeping arpeggios?