What guitar do you want your fans, friends, family and such to remember you with?
When we think of Steve Vai we see him with the Ibanez Jem. Jimi Hendrix with the stratocaster and Slash with the Les Paul.
You know, how people might depict you in their thoughts or photos.
Funeral picture (I know..)
Magazine covers

You want to be recognized with a custom guitar?
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Either instrument I have right now would do...

My recently purchased ESP MTD MH-417, pimped up with awesome monkeystickers, orrr
My Ibanez BTB 675, in it's completely natural state.

Preferably it'd be both, dual wielded, somehow.
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I really wouldn't want to be associated with any one instrument. To me that represents repetitiveness. I've got more guitars than I need, every one of them looks, plays and sounds different and I plan to always keep it that way. God help me if I ever become 'a Les Paul guy' or 'a Tele guy' or anything like that.
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my cheap, white Xavierre double cut Les Paul copy that's covered in stickers, duct tape holding the selector switch in place and paint chipping off the headstock, I think it's very appropriate for the music that I play and the body shape is uncommon which is something that I really like
A Misa digital Kitara.
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I bet nobody will forget you with this on stage

but no i don't want to remembered with this one.

I'd like this one one day on stage
I want it to be a '59 Les Paul but that's kind of....everyones. In the end I'd say a '59 Les Paul and a Natural ( worn and beat to shit ) Tele.
PRS guitars. Definetly. I hear what you're saying MrFibble, but I'll gladly be that 'guy' when it comes to PRS ^^
PRS SE Custom 22 <3
Fender Stratocaster '57 RI
Fender Super Champ XD
Tanglewood TW115 CW

this is my main gigging guitar, but in black, and I cant find any images of the black one, because the black model has 60 of them in the whole world. all handmade too..
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