Once I'm finished (and, possibly, bored) of metal, once I have some more spare time, once I can afford more pedals, I'm going to be making this type of music.

No bass player. Possibly keyboard/pianist however; that depends on how it works out later.

Now, time to look for that violin hero.

Eh, didn't do much for me, it felt too monotonous for my tastes. In the aspect of getting a project together like that, I think you might have a hard time organizing it, and writing original material considering how narrow the music is.
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it's pretty interesting, not really my cup of tea, but it seems interesting.

But I don't see how this is any more narrow than other types of music. I enjoy it a bit more once the heavier guitar kicks in. I'd be interested in what you can come up with. and when it comes to the violinist try classified ads, craigslist or ug classifieds or the paper. any way good luck!
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Hi there.. I have good advice for those who want to start a new band.

If you are considering starting a new band I might have some good advice for you.

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infinity-band you are just spamming the board now. As I pointed out in another thread you claim to have played 1000 gigs this year which so have has only consisted of 75 days. 1000 gigs in 75 days? You are here to ***** your services no offer advice if you were here for that you would post your "10 good tips" here.

OT: the music doesn't do anything for me but if that's what floats your boat go for it. At least it is different to all the generic metal bands most seem to want to start up.
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1000 gigs this year? Thats an average of 13 gigs a day :P
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
/sarcasm on

Please let me go to a gig with no bass player or sound man, that must sound fantastic!

/sarcasm off

In another thread where you made this claim you said you have multiple bands that are the same band, with 50% of the members appearing in each of these multiple bands. No regardless that I would say that is not a band as not all the members constantly appear in it but a collective. That means that if 50% of the members are in each "band" with other players filling in the remaining gaps that still means you can only have 2 bands playing at the same time.

If we take Alans 13 gigs a day guestimate that means each of the two bands is playing 6 to 8 gigs a day, everyday, with no breaks inbetween. Their fingers must have callouses of steal!
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."