I've lately been really interested in Muse.
On certain songs, most noticeably on Supermassive Black Hole, Matt has a very interesting sound throughout most of the song. I really want to know how he achieves this sound and have been unsuccesful so far, so i thought hey, lets ask UG

So if anyone knows, please enlighten me! i'd be grateful..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tugqHunwDA&ob=av3e heres a link to the song if you dont know it
Perhaps a fuzz pedal is what you're thinking of? "Sound" is about as vague as you can get with describing guitar tone.
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Yeah, that general sound is gonna be some kind of a fuzz pedal. Maybe a Fuzz Factory if you want to shell out the dough, but any fuzz face knock-off should be able to get you close enough to that area with the gain cranked.