Wow -- what a song, and what a great job singing and playing that live! Honestly, I have not experienced listening to Eva Cassidy, and I don't normally play bluesy/jazzy chords like that, but with the video right there and a good attempt at picking out some chords I'm gonna give this a go for you. I'll try to find some lyrics and just add the chords to them if I can get it done. Cool song. Stand by....
Thank you so much for your answer Reedly, I will be very grateful if you can figure out some chords for this song. I like the arrangement of this song is very inspiring. Eva Cassidy is a very good singer and is a master at the guitar I thought
I can only the first and third chords but the rest I can not i'm stuck

Sorry if my English is not so good, I'm from Norway / Oslo.
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Well, here it is - a list of the chords. I couldn't find any lyric sheets. This looks harder than it is. Below is a list of the chord names and how to play them, then I've listed the chords in order. You could cheat and just used "regular" 7ths throughout the song, but this is how she's playing it live. I've only learned up through about the 1:20 point in the song...Let me know if want the rest written out.

E7#9 –   076780
E7 – 076700
E7b9 – 076770
E7add6 - 076670
B7add6- 797897
B7 - 797877
A7 - 575655
A7add6 - 575675
Bb7add6 – 686786
Ab7 – 464544
C#m7 - x46454
F#7 – 242322
F#m7 – 242222
Gm7 – 353333
C7 – 8,10,8,9,8,8

E7#9 – E7#9 – B7add6 – (Bb note 6th fret E string) – A7
E7#9 – A7add6 – E7#9 – E7b9
A7add6 – Bbadd6 - A7add6 – E7#9 – E7#9 – E7
A7add6 – A7add6 – Ab7 – Ab7
C#m7 – C#m7 – F#7 – F#7
F#m7 – F#m7 – Gm7 – F#m7
B7 – B7 – C7 - B7


B7add6 – Bb7add6 – A6add6 - E7#9
Wow you are really good at and figure out the chords. This helps me a lot. But it is difficult chords, but I like a challenge on the guitar. I would like to have the rest written out. If you have time and opportunities to it It is very gentle of you
Haha I guess I'm not the only one who found this very helpful. I wish I could find tabs for every bluesy song Eva did ... Check out i wish i was a single girl again:  

The tabs are on Youtube as well as songsterr. I'm sure you'll like it as much as San Fran bay