Hello. I am looking for a fretless bass with either 5 or 6 strings. Right now I got an Fender jazz bass and a Louder which I defretted myself. The louder is a piece of shit, but it works. So I have never owned bass with more then 4 strings, will it be a little to much jumping right over to a six strings? I am afraid that if I buy the 5 strings I wanna expand some more and want another bass with 6 strings. I am kinda short on money and can only buy 1 bass.

So does anyone of you got a tip for a new and cheap fretless? Price range is 0 to 1300 dollar.

After the defretting, I also considering buying bass parts and set it all together myself. Would appreciate all answer!
look into ibanez and yamaha. not sure on exact models but i've definately seen a number by both. as far as i know, rockbass do fretless 5ers too and i wouldnt be surprised if the vm jazz had a 5 string fretless in the range somewhere.
one thing i would say, is play a few fretless basses before you shell out money on buying one.