well there is alot! of rumors and personally i would love the ability to change my helmet, goggles, skin color, vest, etc. Now when i say this i dont mean like rainbow color boots or a pink hat i mean like different military appropriate gear but nothing too much just a lil so if i see somebody ive seen before i could recognize him. I thought BattleField was all for the realism..and whats so realistic about running around like clones?

Now i have done a lil research and now we all know what we look like and what the specact skins look like and not one of them is a black guy but looking at the BF3 Bazaar map gameplay most of the characters are actually black aka African American soldiers so you must be able to customize your appearance because that is not a skin that is in the game. And when the guy playing goes into the start menu there is an option to change {appearance} where you change your gun ill link a screenshot and gameplay of the black guy below

screen shot

gameplay of the black guy skins

Previous BattleField games gave you the ability to customize you appearance and there is an interview with a bf3 producer and he basically confirms appearance customization is in the game to an extant and this is what the interviewer said to him

One of the things that helps persistence is when you give the player an identity. For instance, you can carve your initials into your gun in Black Ops, and Rainbow Six let you customize your outfit. What are the challenges to this approach and do you see Battlefield 3 going in this direction?

this is BF3 producer { Patrick Bach) reply
The more variation you have [in the characters] the less variation you can have in the rest of the world. I think it also has to do with the way you play more professionally. You don’t want people to look completely different. It’s team A versus team B. It’s always a challenge – how do you personalize a uniform? Giving the pink rabbit hat to someone would make it fun, but if you’re running around and you don’t know what you’re shooting at you don’t take the professional gaming seriously in my book. So there’s a challenge between personalizing and keeping it uniform. We will do more in that area, making sure that you can get your character to be more personalized both in a visual way and more specifically in the way you gear up. We did a good job I would argue in Bad Company 2 with specializations, different scopes, and different weapons – you can kind of find your way of playing the game, which broadens the game for more people. The deeper you get into that the more you unravel figuring new things out every day. That was kind of the seed to what we’re building now. We now know more than we’ve ever known about how to personalize a uniform team. Your friends will get very happy when they can see what they can do with their soldiers.

interview link

so thank you very much for reading and im actually black so dont get all raciest on me lol so leave what you think of this below.