i've heard about accoustic, electric, bass and stuff. i mean what are they?

which instrument should i pick up for learning first. bass lines are cool and hard(i've heard that they are tough to play). what is an accoustic guitar?

i mean can we buy a guitar and play bass lines as well as accoustic on it. i have no idea about this stuff. so please fill in full knowledge and what are amplifiers? and also how do guitars run? i mean do they require a plug in socket or some pre-loaded battery. i am a total noob. i've never seen a guitar in my life before and thats the reason for this commotion in my mind.

also they are some instruments that have some many knobs on them. what are they? i've heard that they can maintain the mix of the live show. so please tell every detail. an site or video leading me into this shall be embraced to the maximum. i shall add details later.

Hold on, hold on. Youve never seen a guitar? Where do you live? The moon?

If youre starting out i would suggest maybe getting an accoustic guitar and take it from there as you wont need to be plugged into an applifier or anything and wont have to mess around with f/x pedals and all the rest of it. With this in mind it would be worth starting on an accoustic guitar rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end of amps, pedals, pickups and all the rest of it which you will find a bit of a mine field if you have as little knowledge as you say you do. have a look at some Yamaha guitars. Around the £150 mark and a good sound for the price.

You could still use it to come up with bass lines, they just wont be as low in pitch as if they were played on a bass guitar.

And no, an electric guitar does not have to be plugged in
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An acoustic bass is a guitar with 4 strings that’s stringed with special strings to make a loud sound, loud enough for a decent sized room generally.
An acoustic guitar is just generally a guitar that doesn’t use electricity, hence acoustic (I’d say look up the term  )

An electric guitar is a guitar with different strings that make much less sound. This guitar can be plugged into an amplifier. The pickups (blocks under the strings) “listen” to the string and through electric currents that it sends to the amplifier it changes the frequency of the strings vibration into a sound and thats what you hear. Electric guitars can be played through certain effects like distortion and overdrive that change the sound. This is why most people prefer electric guitars 

An amplifier is usually plugged into a socket. There are two types of guitars: passive and active. Active guitars require batteries for the pickups. Passive guitars don’t run on batteries. Active guitars are therefore a little louder in my experience.

There are two types of acoustic guitars: A classic and a western guitar. I suggest putting all these terms into google images if you’ve never seen a guitar before.

Knobs are on electric or semi-electric guitars, these regulate volume or tone. You can change the tone on your guitar to play higher notes or lower notes better.

Hope this helped, If someone finds any wrong information, I apologize
Oh right and if you decide to start playing guitar. I suggest getting a classic guitar. These are very good for learning and with time you should change to electric bass or electric guitar (E-bass/E-guitar)