Hello there,

I am looking into putting up a website for my band, I’d like to know if any of you had any experience creating a band website?

We would like to have stuff like:
* Our own .com domain
* Unlimited streaming of our songs
* Music player that can play on an ipad
* Facebook & Twitter integration would be great
* A form for fans to contact us and register to our mailing list directly on the website

I am definitely not a programmer and I don’t have time to learn how to code HTML just to create that one website.

How much should I expect to spend for a custom website made by a professional web designer (including the requested features above)? Many people told us we should spend between $1,000 and up to $5,000, is that true!? Do you guys have any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
If you pay over 1,000 for that website you are getting ripped off. although the Ipad or "mobile version" of your site might cost a little extra.
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What would you want is just a simple web pages with your images, with links to youtube to host your videos which can be played on ipads/etc and music hosting sites like reverb nation perhaps?
why spend that much money on something you can easily achieve with facebook or reverbnation?
Alright guys,

I made some research and ended up on Bandmo (http://bandmo.com) a website generator designed especially for music artists & bands. It’s pretty cheap considering that it includes hosting + domain + everything else. I think it might just be more simple to deal with them instead of ordering every element I need from different companies.

The reviews I found are looking pretty good, I am going to try it now and let you know what happens...

That looks pretty good actually, only thing though is that I would have that bar at the top instead of the bottom right hand side,
Hey there.
it was cool until the logo at the top right was written in comic sans.

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Very simple design- it makes a nice landing page. I would stop the autoplay though- it's extremely annoying to a lot of people. If they wanna hear your music, they'll click the play button.

+1, especially the part about the autoplay.
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Hi fly,
You should try to use WordPress for building your site. It has plenty of themes and plug-ins that you can easily use to modify, update and delete contents. There are no tedious programming skills involved. You can easily create it without any technical skill required. If you want further information you could look up simplewebsitetutorials, where they give information regarding building websites, creating a domain name and more.
Hi Ricardo,
Before you post, try to look at the thread dates before you post in a year old thread.
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This question is always relevant, and can and should be addressed and updated as times change.

Is it still relevant for small DIY bands to have their own website? Remember that having the site is no use if no one goes to it, so you still needa huge amountof work and maybe budget to get people to go to it.
Sites like reverbnation and bandcamp already have quite a community, and soundcloud is pretty good for networking and building up some following.

Personally I think you can get a lot out of some decent youtube vids. Not just your band doing their thing, but you might want to do a review of bits of your gear, a tutorial on some technique you use a lot, etc. People actively look for educational videos, but rarely scout out new music that way. Just have your band logo or name on the start/end of the video and a link to your site. Even better if you have a pdf of tab or something to attract them to the site.