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130 63%
78 38%
Voters: 208.
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It just occurred to me. I have never had an iPod, iPhone, Mac etc.

I don't hate Apple, but I do find that there is always at least one product on the market that is of better quality than the Apple product, for my needs at least.

So am I alone?
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I only have an Ipod Nano, as Ipods seem to be the only worthwhile Apple product to buy.
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I had one of the second gen Ipods.

After that I just kind of lost interest.
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I own iPods.

iPad's are good ideas but too expensive.

Mac operating system is complete bullshit though. The only advantages of that over Windows are the few amateur pieces of software like Garage Band, and it has fewer viruses.
I've had an iPod and iMac. There was always something more functional on the market for me so don't use them anymore. Might get an Apple laptop though
I have an iPhone being it's my mum's old one that she was finished with. Other than that I've never owned one.
I've had 4 iPods and like 6 or 7 Macs.
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I never bought the hype surrounding apple products until my boss picked up a 27" iMac for me to do photo editing and video production on. After that I was sold and ended up getting a macbook. However, apart from the macbook I've never owned any apple products.
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I have never bought an Apple product in my entire life.
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Nope never an apple product, my mom has an Ipad though but that's it in my whole family.
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Had ipods, apart from that I don't deem them necessary.
pretty sure most of the starving and dieing children in africa have never owned any apple products
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Apart from an Ipod Nano I found on a park bench, which I only had briefly because my sister stole it and broke it, no. I've never bought one, but - who knows - I might.
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Don't think so

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I've had 4 iPods and like 6 or 7 Macs.

They are all obsolete if they're not the latest generation

No, dickhead.
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I had an original iPod nano and later one of the iPod classics, 3rd generation I think? They were both pretty good, the classic especially.
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I've got an ipod classic. And I once had an iPhone for a day which I sold because it was shit.
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You are not alone. I don't have anything from Apple. I don't dig iStuff, so yeah...
I've never owned anything Apple.

I've used and had experience with them which is why I dislike them.
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I had an ipod for about a day, decided I preferred my old mp3 player, so I returned it. I use Apple stuff a lot because of many of my school's facilities use them, but I more or less have never owned any apple stuff.
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Never have and don't plan to. Too pricey for my taste.

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