Just as the title says, its really hard for me to sing loudly while playing the guitar. My voice immediately goes down for some reason when i try to sing while playing. Any tips?
Keep doing it. Take it from someone who couldn't do either well at the start, and certainly not both even half decently when trying to do them at the same time

Just keep at it. The more you do it, the more you'll familiarize yourself with the volumes necessary from both your guitar and voice to keep them working well together.
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Simply the only way to get better at it is to practice. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but eventually I got to the point where I could do both. If it makes it easier for you, try just strumming every quarternote or so while you focus on the vocal melody, then you can slowly incorporate the strumming pattern.
You just need to get used to playing the song. Once you can do it pretty much with your eyes closed, you can concentrate more on your voice. Your brain has to do a lot of work while you are playing and singing. It needs to make sure you hit the right frets, and have the right strumming pattern, and make sure you are singing the right words, make sure your voice is in key, and also control the dynamics of your voice. Just practice playing it until you build up the necessary muscle memory to play it with no effort.
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pretty much what everyone else is saying, practice.

I do, however, have a question. Are you standing up or sitting down? it actually makes a difference in projection, since your diaphram gets all squashed when sitting, especially if you are leaning over a guitar. you may find it easier to project while standing.
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It needs to make sure you hit the right frets, and have the right strumming pattern, and make sure you are singing the right words.
I had a problem singing and playing aswell, what you need to do is practice playing the song you want to sing to until you can play it without even thinking about it... then with the vocals, sing with a backing tracking or on your own until you can sing that without having to think about it... then when you're comfortable with both parts on their own then try doing them together, after a while something will just click and you'll be able to do it
It's a big step, but you'll get there. I'd start with easy covers, like some Bob Dylan...

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All Along the Watchtower is good, too.

There's the Dylan version and the more difficult Hendrix version. You can really make it simple or tear it up and make it your own, too.

Find yourself some two-three chord folk song that is the same all the way through and really simple lyrically and just do it. There are some great songs like that, especially from the 1960's and 70's. The best part is you can just find the song on YouTube and sing along!

You'll get it. Good luck!
Haha it's been a good 2 years but thanks for all the help guys. I sang for a battle of the bands gig for my band last august and we came first. Owe it all to you guys. Hope this community stays alive and helps a lot more people in the years to come!
Glad you came back and told us, I never looked at the dates and was going to say the same thing as everyone else. Practice.

I started at age 5, by age 8 I was singing harmonies with my uncles, so it's always come naturally for me, but for most people who don't start that early, it all comes down to lots of practice, and start simple.
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