Would it be possible to sand down a guitar neck to make it a bit flatter? It feels a bit awkward going from my Ibanez to my Strat, because the Strat neck is a bit thicker and more round.

Is it possible?

Is it a good Idea?
Probably not.

EDIT: Are you talking about sanding down the neck or the fretboard?
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The neck. Like I said the profile on the Ibanez is thinner and flatter, while the Strat is more thick and round, so I'd like to sand it a bit to make it flatter, I'm just not sure if it will cause any problems or anything.
I personally wouldn't do it. You may go overboard and run into the truss rod making a completely useless neck.
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you can do it. I did it just last week to my epiphone dot, however the neck on that is much bigger than any strat I have ever played so I wasn't too worried about going to far. Before you do it just acknowledge the fact that you may have to get a new neck lol.

I sanded mine down into a v shape from a huge D shape just enough for it to be comfortable, not too much though. Then I finished it by wiping on a satin polyuerenthane (sp?) did 7 really thin coats, and it feels wayyyy better than the tacky paint or whatever was on it.

Get a bunch of different grits of sandpaper (I started with 80, then 110, then 220) and some 000 steel wool and just go really slow with the sandpaper and stop every so often, rub down with the steel wool, and then see how it feels.

Just do NOT do it with a power sander, and DO go very slowly.

You can refinish with poly satin (I wouldn't do poly gloss, its stickier), tung oil, or tru-oil.

On the other hand I don't find strats to be that much fatter than ibanez necks. They are definitely bigger, but (for me) not enough to make it unplayable. My dot's neck was bigger than most acoustic necks.
Since it's a Strat (I assume a Fender) I'd recommend replacing it with an aftermarket one if you can find one with a smaller profile. Otherwise, I'd suggest getting used to it. You think a Strat's neck is wide? The fretboard's width on my old Pacifica was ridiculously unnecessary.
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I wouldn't try it. You'd really have to do alot of sanding to turn all that material into dust. You'd ruin the value the guitar has too.

I say just get used to playing different setups and styles of guitars. It's a good ability to have. My Explorer has a really beefy neck and I have no problem switching to my ridiculously thin Ibanez S prestige wizard neck.