Hey, I'm trying to buy a boost pedal for boosting solos. I can't decide which one I should go with. Has anyone compared any of these?

Boss FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster (also has the very cool feedback function)

Visual Sound Truetone (internally has 27v of head room... not 15v which is common in most boosts)

MXR Micro Amp (an old classic, simple, and a lot of people use it)

Help me out here. I'm open to other suggestions to but if you're gonna recommend something else, please explain why its better. Thanks a lot!

i don't have any kind of experience or knowledge about those pedals, but you should consider a graphic equalizer pedal for a clean boost, if you still haven't
ps- it's better (maybe, depends on what you want) because you would be able to maintain your original tone, whilst having a louder volume
I have a Micro Amp, and it's a great boost. I use it when I need to boost without coloring the tone (like my TS-9). The only change in tone I notice with it is a tad more brightness.

If you can save up a chunk of change for it, many people will recommend the Paul Cochrane Timmy OD as a boost. It's a very transparent OD that excels as a clean boost. But it's about 3 times the cost of a Micro Amp!
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No clue about boost though, I use an MXR 10-band Eq to get a slightly altered lead tone

Try a compressor set with minimal compression and volume set to boost. It'll give you a nice, sustained solo at any gain level. It's nice if you're playing a clean or quiet song and need a clean solo. You don't have to fight the dirt from an overdrive or booster hitting your preamp for compression/sustain.
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The Danelecto Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive is a Timmy clone for a fraction of the price. Certainly worth considering.
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the EQ or compressor pedal wouldn't be a bad choice, it allows you to shape your tone without shaping your original signal in a way that actually helps. i like that mxr 10 band eq pedal, but i have to admit i don't own a compressor. although i'm not a huge fan of it, the boosta grande pedal is a pretty popular choice, it adds too much mids and lows for my taste. you could always go with a ts9, pretty popular pedal for multiple functions, including boost.

my favorite boost pedal is the two timer from keeler designs, but rob doesn't make em anymore...sadface
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well