I've been shopping for an amp for some time now and final found "the one". In fact there were five of the same amp at my local music sanctuary. Two of them are the deluxe w/the upside down print on chrome, and three deluxe iii. The one that sounded the best to me was a deluxe iii but the print is right side up on a chrome control panel. My question is; Did fender transition from chrome to black control panels or is this a limited run amp?
I believe that Fender has done away with the chrome control panel. The newer ones have a black control panel with white lettering. The lettering is right side up if you are reading it while standing in front of your amp.
^ Yes, this. The version III of the hot rod line now has a black panel w/ white lettering (facing the player standing in front of said amp) and is a newer version. They also upgraded the stock speaker apparently. There are still a ton of the older-version hot rods (chrome panel) out in stores though, some of which I've seen marked down. Still fantastic amps.

They do in fact do limited runs of these amps (more so with the Blues Jr's than the Deluxes as far as I've seen) and it's usually a different color/pattern tolex and/or speaker.
Let me rephrase my question. The amp is tagged Deluxe iii, the print is in the same direction as the black control panel on HRDiii, but the panel is chrome. Did fender transition from chrome to black or is this a limited run amp?
As far as I know, they transitioned from chrome to black. But I've been wrong before. Is it the store's tag and it's a misprint? Or a Fender tag?

Google it??
I've looked on google and only found black ctrl. panels called out in the specs.The amp is mim(which means it is made in or after 2010) and the plate on the back says iii along with the dog tags. There is a fender eminence speaker in it not a celestion. But the ctrl panel is chrome and the print is read from the front. Oh yea, and its in my studio now