Teaser about one of the songs has been released:


Hmmh. This was quite predictable sound after last albums and Toxic Taste release, but I'm still bit disappointed - by a few things. I keep hoping Rolf to return older sound of RuWi although I know it isn't gonna happen. Rolf's break with Running Wild gave me hope that he perhaps would come with some changes to his previous works after "a creative break", but hearing this song doesn't sound as such.

That song is overly happy imo, I loved Running Wild with slightly darker, or at least neutral approach - this sounds like Rolf's previous one album project Toxic Taste and it's "party rock'n'roll". Chorus is allright though. Secondly guitar sound, too digital or how to describe. Of course it has been similar on past few albums but yeah. Drums? Don't get me started.

I'll probably still buy this album at some time when it comes out to support Rolf's and Running Wild's impressive back catalogue of their past releases, especially 80's-90's. Hopefully there will be few killer tracks in Shadowmaker..

What do you think?
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