Well i started playing electric guitars 3 months ago ,, played Spanish 9 months earlier

and till now i can do some scales ( not ultra fast like youtube guys ) ,, some Basic power chords ,,,, and some Riffs and intros from different song ( short ones)

But Till now i can't play a full song ,,, cant do these licks with hammer and bend like these speed machines guys i see ,, cant do most of what i see in tabs ( cuz of slow and no skills )

So My Question Is ,,, How Should i continue learning To Improve speed and techniques ?? What to learn?

Should i only play scales till getting better ??? or power chords ??
or learning some licks will help getting better??

Need ur help cuz i'm really confused and dont know what to do/learn next

My Guitar Iz Dean z79 ,,, i play rock and metal
Just keep practicing. You'll get there eventually.
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Spend some time reading the Guitar Techniques forum. Lots of exercises and practice ideas there.