So as some of you might know, there's a commonly used EQ setting that emulates what we call the "AM Radio" sound. It's made most of the time by use of an EQ pedal such as the MXR 10 band. Has anyone ever had success getting that sound out of a standard amp eq setting? My assumption is no, you don't have a lot of options as far as individual frequencies on the amp so you can't really ratchet in a very specific setting to get that sort of sound. But just wondering if anybody has ever had much luck.

For what its' worth I use a silverface twin reverb and a jc120

Thanks in advance!
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

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its a bandpass filter. So dime the mids, no bass and no treble. That should get you close i would think. If you have parametric tone sliders on your amp you will probably get this sound by making an upside down parabola with the peak in the middle and zeroed at both ends