So I have a 2x12 that im putting marshall g12 vintage speakers(v30's) in but i dont know how to wire it, both speakers are 16 ohms btw. I was just going to use the input jacks from a 1960v cab is there anyway i can do that? or would i have to get a complete new input for this? i was thinking maybe like wire it like the left side of a 4x12 would be and connect it to the switch and run it as if i was using only one side of the 4x12 but idk if it would be the right ohms which should be 8 if i do it like that i think. Is there a better way to do it with the input jack i have?
Wire them in parallel so you will have a 8ohm load. If you wire speakers in parallel the resistance of the speakers decreases, the opposite if you wire them in series. I you have 4 speakers you can wire 2 in parallel and the other two in series (is this what you guys call X pattern?)


Speaker A 8ohms in series with speaker B 8ohms = 16ohms of total load

Speaker A 8ohms in parallel with speaker B 8ohms = 4ohms of total load

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If the 4x12 is wired in Series/Parallel then yes, one side of it should be wired for just those two speakers and as mentioned....run at 8 ohms (because they would be in parallel). Can you tell us exactly what the jack options are on the plate? Also, unless you want to put all 4 speakers in it some day - you may want to consider hard wiring it without that mono/switch (PCB) in there.

Additionally, wont' you have 2 empty holes if you only put in 2? Not sure how that will sound. Might be kinda woofy.
the options are 8 ohms for either the right of left side or 16ohms all 4 speakers of 4 ohms all 4 speakers .