Can i use all the SD2 presets (like metal foundry) from toontrack, without having other sets than the ones you get in the standard SD2 box (like drumkit from hell etc...).

Also shuld i ise SD if im making my midi in guitar pro 6? I heard that it is a overkill, but does it sound good?
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Yes, you should be able to load them, but they won't load the samples you don't own; so it doesn't really do anything.

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I'm honestly finding it very difficult to understand what you want...

Looks as if he is wondering if it is possible to use presets from SDX packs on the regular Superior Drummer 2.0 installation without having the expansions.

For instance, Person X posts his preset online that he used with The Metal Foundry.

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i dont think so, because the presets would more than likely be using the samples from the expansions, which would obviously be needed in order to work