hi all, first off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but as it was more of a general-ish question i didn't know where it'd go. so i'll just dive in.

my best friend since i was... 6 i think, 7 maybe. 13 or 14 years ago either way, lived the next block from me my whole life etc etc, he was in a horrible accident in which he survived but our 3 other friends were killed and though he's coped really well i know him well enough to see the shadow it's left on him really clearly. and so i wrote him a song, or, i'm about a half way through writing him a song for something that i hadn't been able to put words or melody to before and then suddenly came naturally and i was wondering if you thought that was hugely inappropriate or weird or something. i don't want to... i don't know. can you write a song for like a... i don't know what the word is but i was just wondering what you guys thought on the subject of writing someone a song that isn't like a love song or anything like that, and whether or not it'd weird you out to find out that if you were in his position i'd done it about you.

again, sorry if this is on the wrong forum but i'd really appreciate some feedback.
I personally think its a great idea.. He/she would be stoked to have a mate like you