Hello guys,

I own an Ibanez Iceman ICT700 made in 2009. I have been wondering quite a while if it is possible and worth it to put EMG pick ups in it. It now has Dimarzio pickups, and I really like the sound of the bridge pick up, but don't really dig the neck pickup.

Is it possible to just switch the neck pickup to something like an EMG 81, or EMG 85? Or will it be better to then switch them both?

1. if you like the sound of the dimarzios in it already why change them?
2. if you have passive pickups in don't mix active/passive.
I'd say don't. EMG's sound really bad and generic. I suggest that if you must, you should change only the neck pick up and replace it with a seymour duncan.

And also what jackjb94 said.
EMGs sounds okay... They're pretty decent pickups for many kinds of metal, almost all of em.
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Oh forgot to mention, I mostly play metal like as i lay dying, trivium and Amon amarth. Will they suit this style?
they pretty much only suit that style in fact

you need to keep in mind that if you're fitting them, you need somewhere to put a battery and the pickup buss too though. if the cavities are tight then you'll struggle.
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if you ilke the bridge pickup and not the neck i would suggest spewing out the neck for a passive seymour duncan, if you want active EMG's i would put an 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck i have them in mine and they sound awesome for metal.