Anyways, we're planning on doing "Wat zullen we drinken", a dutch 'party' drunk song at a show, and it's quite easy, but I can't figure anything at all for bass. The song is originally from... well, I don't know. But a lot of folk metal bands have covered it.


We were gonna do the intro, with the guitars playing the melody instead of the flute, and do open E "pom pom pom pom" on le bass, and just bass drum. Then, we do it again, but there is going to be a drum pattern, as well as second guitar going fast on some power chords, together with the bass.

Now, the problem is, I've got no clue what that second guitar and the bass should play on the faster part. Could anybody help?

Note: we're not trying to cover the krigavar one, it was just a vague example.

Some tabs of the guitar melody:
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Original is by the Bots.

Just figure out what the key is so you know which chords to use. Think this is a cool song to do some fast chord-changes.
look at the chord progression bro

looks like its playing the root note of every chord in the progression

its a nice drinking song tho

and ignore the lead melody over the progression! ( saying this it might distract you )