Hey guys, I've just recorded this cover and uploaded it on YouTube. I didn't really practice it much before recording so it's far from perfect but I hope you enjoy it anyway:

Without You
Sounds neat! You should try it with an acoustic guitar - maybe even a 12-string would sound interesting the way you play it. But the electric guitar still sounds good.
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Excellent song choice man! I've been ateempting to cover "Your All I Need" for a little while now, but im still waiting to feel comfortable with it. Anyways your cover was pretty killer given you didnt practice much. I like the sound of the electric for the verses, not so much the chorus, but overall I think the song would sound better with an acoustic or a 12-string like ironmanben said. Thats just my opinion though. You also sang the song really well so good job on that to. Keep pluggin away man! If you dont mind doing a C4C the link to my YouTube page is in my sig. I'd really appreciate any thoughts you have on the covers I've done

Thank you all for the comments!

I absolutely agree about the 12-string but I currently only have a regular acoustic which isn't very good so I decided to record with the strat.

rollingstones - I've checked out your videos and I think you did a very nice job on the "Further on up the Road" cover, I gave it a "like" on YouTube. Cheers!