Hey guys. I'm currently trying to improve my tone. Now, I'd like to get a bit closer to this neoclassical tone, ala Loomis. Now, in the neoclassical department, I dig Yngwie's tone as well, but the two kind of collide (Loomis uses a high gain amp and Yngwie is more of a vintage guy?).

I have a Marshall JVM410, so yeah, it's a high gain amp. I (unfortunately) have an Alexi 200, but after the summer I'm getting a Jackson RR24. I don't have any pedals. I know Loomis uses a TS808 or a TS9 (correct me if I'm wrong, please!), and it seems to work. Is it possible to get closer to his tone without a pedal (I might get a pedal, but if I can reach the tone without it, cool)? I don't expect someone to say treble 10 blah blah (because every amp is different), but can someone give me general guidelines like high gain mode, high gain setting, mid treble and higher presence, a bit of resonance etc.?

But really, what I would like is a nice, mean, chunky low end and a smooth (Loomis like) high register.

I believe Satriani uses a JVM so it should be fine. Yngwie has a similar amp to. Jess Loomis uses an ENGL. I dont think getting that tone will be to difficult. A tune screamer will add some extra 'scream' to your sound.

Some delay could give you some extra fatness and bite.
Jeff used to play Engl Amps with a TS-9 in front (before that Rectifierts), nowadays it's axe FX.
I personally asked him if there are andy effects involved in his tone and he just laughed and said: *this guitar, the amp with pretty neutral settings and my fingers*

No delays, no effects, no fancy amp settings. It all comes from his fingers.
If you don't sound like him it means you just can't play like him (yet).
Keep practicing
Thanks for both of your replies! EyeHatePunks, I know that a lot of tone comes from his smooth playing, but my high ends can sound really harsh compared to his (I'm not saying I'm playing it bad, or something). I honestly think it's the guitar with it's bad, cheap passive pickups. I heard that his active (?) EMGs (707 I believe) give a lot of the smoothness.


And you must be lucky to see Loomis in person!
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