I have in my catalogue over 150 songs, Written By Myself & completely finished, I am looking for a rhythm Guiarist/Songwriter with good range in vocals idealy lead Guitarist/SongWriter with vocals.. Lead guitarist not essential!!!!..North East, United Kingdom..Be Helpful to have good vocal range, A Unique Voice would be Fantastic and influence in most 90's indie/alternative field. Influences include Blur, Suede, Cast, The Seahorses, Kula Shaker,Primal Scream, Coldplay, James, The Stereophonics, The Verve, and 60's early 70's, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, The Hollies, Eric Clapton If You could bring some unique style, different ideas etc A new voice, a new sound... I dont have transport. But I do have apartment to practise, write & jam 24/7 without interruption

P.S Songwritng skills is not really essential,Just Ideas and Unique Good Voice

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I will Reply Same day if possible
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