Hello, so i record through the computer with my rockband microphone....and well i fell like its time to move on.
Now i know nothing about mics, so i have no idea what brand to get. My limit would probably be $80.
any suggestions?
Not sure about that price but i picked up a samson condenser that is decent
do you know the difference between the condenser mics and regular mics? are they all condensers? cause on guitar center i see different things, and i is confuzeld
In laymans terms dynamics can take more of a beating while maintaining sound (live use) and condensers are more sensitive (collecting more detail, especially with vocals) Honestly the smartest and most economic move you should make is to get and interface and a shure sm57. There are many interfaces i could recommend depending on your needs, but i use the sm57 to mic anything from guitar amps to drums and vocals. Its a total mule, you could hammer nails with it and still record a song if you wanted, as long as you didnt nail with the diaphragm end of course.
And of course there are a few types of mics but starting out there are a few key piecesthat should me had. I'd be happy to answer any questions and make recommendations just pm me.
thank you thank you, what do you recomand for interfaces, cause again i dont know anything about this stuff.
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Honestly the smartest and most economic move you should make is to get and interface and a shure sm57.

Not if his main goal is to record vocals. The SM57, in most cases, is a very poor vocal mic. Sounds great on just about every other source, but the 57 and 58 would be my very last resort for vocals.

While I would generally always recommend an interface and mic over a USB mic, there's not a single interface/mic combo in the price range you posted worth buying. I'd be expecting to spend $3-400 on a nice interface setup as appossed to a USB mic, which you could easily get under $100.
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