Can anyone identify this 60s teisco? Im pretty sure it is a teisco but the possibility of something different always remains. It is Made in Japan

Also about how much is this guitar worth?
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Based on the pickups and headstock alone youve got a Teisco. Model, no idea. Value, a mystery.
cheers betch
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Based on the pickups and headstock alone youve got a Teisco. Model, no idea. Value, a mystery.

Thanks for that much
What would you guess is worth more, this teisco or a 60s Vox Tornado hollowbody in decent condition
looks like a teisco but ive never seen one with a gold finish so that might be someones own addition to it. I could be wrong though.
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It's definitely of the Teisco family from the headstock design. These include Teisco (duh), Silvertone, Dan Electro, and a few other names. They were all built under the same roof in the same room, the only difference was the company that placed an order for some guitars

I haven't seen a gold one before, very interesting. And based on the hardware it doesn't look like one of the cheap super-budget models. After a good cleanup and the electronics gone through, AND assuming the frets/neck are in good shape, I'd say its worth around $150 to the right person. If it had the original case it'd be upped another $50 or so. Another $200 if it were one of the uber-cool Silvertone speaker cases.

Those could be DeArmond pickups in that too btw. If so.. each one is worth more than the entire guitar. Just a heads-up
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Del Ray, I believe. My dad had one as his first guitar. Not worth a bucket-load, but not anything to sneeze at either. I'd play it if I were you, mess around with it. See if you like the sound. Good for funk and surf.