Bonnie MacAllister featuring Ruth S 'Hop and Scotch'

So, back story, I went to Brooklyn to visit a friend that I used to live with, and her roommate was in a feminist group called Permanent Wave that was having a sort of show/exhibition or whatever in their apartment. Anyway, a woman stands up and speaks to everybody and introduces the video I posted up there (I think she was Bonnie MacAllister, the maker of the video). As I'm sitting next to my friend watching this movie thing we can hardly keep from laughing out loud, but everyone else seems SUPER serious about it and really in to it.

I looked it up to show it to a friend when I got home and I found this. I might be mistaken, but it looks like they're trying to sell this video for $500-$1500. I understand it's a sexual slavery protest kind of thing, but I wouldn't know that if I hadn't heard it from the woman and read it in the description.

Is this a thing that people do? Like, is this some new kind of hipster media that's starting up or is this just another weird person from Brooklyn doing weird stuff?
Not only am I not going to watch a 5 minute video out of a short attention span, I'm also not watching it because there are already threads dedicated to youtube videos.

99% of the time if you think a youtube video is threadworthy, it's not.
i just came in here to say, how dare they name themselves after a Rush album.

that is all.
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