Hey all,

I'm a college kid in Ann Arbor, Michigan looking to find some people to play music with in the area. I think I'm pretty decently okay at guitar, bass, and saxophone, and I have some experience with trombone, piano, and drums as well. I'm not really looking for a hardcore time-sink, but I wouldn't mind joining or piecing together a band and playing shows around the area/state and just going from there.

As far as music goes, I'm really into all kinds of pop-punk (favoring the older or the punkier stuff), ska (mostly third-wave), emo, skram, and modern rock (Weatherbox, Criteria, Pistolita, etc.). I also have a soft-spot for the scene style of metal, though I don't have all that much experience playing it. I used to play saxophone for a local band called Ziptacular, so I have experience with all the normal band crap, but we're pretty dead now and I need something to fill the void. My preferred instrument depends on the style of music, but I'm open to try playing anything for any genre.

Anyways, post a reply or shoot a PM if you're interested/in the same boat/have something in mind. I haven't been all that active on here lately, but I'll do my best to remember to log in and check up on everything.