are you just playing music or are there lyrics to go with?

I'm assuming theres lyrics, are they written already?

are you using a piano or are you using a guitar or maybe another instrument?

and are you just playing around till you find the right chords or have you picked a specific key to play in?

I feel like minor7 chords are a great place to start....
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
use a lot of sus chords and 9 chords, open strings too to help make more color. it's all about the color. you can take a normal progression, like a I V vi IV, and do like...Dmaj7, Asus2, Bm7, then to switch up the G chord play a Dmaj in open position with the G in the base. just an example but just try different ways to make really nice chords. i can't stress enough the use of open strings
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bIII, bVI and bVII always work too.

Like I - bVII - bVI - bIII - V7 or
I - V - bVII - IV (perfect progression to throw in some corny sus4's as well)

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The right way to do this is to take five songs similar in idea to what you want to create and analyze them - figure out what their chords are, see how they work.

And then apply it to your own song.