I'm trying to record a cover of One Day Remains, by Alter Bridge, i'm doing the vocals, bass & guitar, but can't play the drums

Struggling to find a drum backing track on the internet, I was wondering if anyone knew of a suitable one? Or at least one with the right tempo/whatever


(Yes I know I already posted this is another section, but I took the total lack of replies as 'yeah buddy, wrong section, **** off'
Probably the easiest way imo would be to just take guitar pro file and use drums from that. I'ts not gonna be the best sounding drums(although if you have gpro 6, it should sound ok), but it's quite easy and it should be pretty accurate as well.

Another option (that would take more effort i suppose) could be to get some electronic drummer software (i don't use those, so can't really help with any specific names) and you could again get drum template from guitar pro and then just use some better sounding software to actually generate the drum sound