So, as part of my New years resolution, I've been composing and recording a new song each month and posting them on soundcloud. As I'm now two months in I thought it would be nice to hear what the fine people of UG think of my work.


There are only 2 short tracks up, and they are both guitar based, though not exclusively.

Of course I will Crit for Crit, and look forward to hearing what you all think.
Chaotic Serenity: really sweet melodies at the start, very emotive. I like the drums too, are they sequenced? They sound great. The piano/synth part is really good too, continues with the emotive theme. Unfortunately the drum fill leading in to the heavy section sounded a bit out of place to me, as did a fair bit of the shredding. The guitar tone could use a bit more clarity, maybe a little less gain? It fitted pretty well in with the calmer section towards the end though.
New Beginnings: Again, nice and melodic to begin with, I liked the random moments of dissonance. The intro guitar solo was nice, tone was much better on this one, it's got a cool kind of 'thump' to it. I really liked the melodic section around 2.50, sounded really good. Ending was a little abrupt on both tracks, but there's nothing especially wrong with that.
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That's some pretty good stuff actually. Definitely a different sound. The drums sound really tight, and I'm really digging the whole electronic thing; it's not your typical synth pop sound at all. Very cool.

I don't really have any comments or pointers other than keep it up and give us some more to listen to. Geez, maybe even find a vocalist.

I'm not gonna ask for Crit 4 crit, but if you could just take 2 minutes and listen to my band that would be awesome

Thanks for the comments so far
@Paddy McK- All my drum sounds come from EZdrummer, took some of their midi files as inspiration too.
I really enjoyed the chilled nature of you're tracks. You arpeggio/ fingerpicked sections in Don't fall behind and Bulldozers. You're melodies fit the music perfectly, though I noticed that you're voice wavers slightly when you hit the lower notes, but other than that a pretty flawless vocal performance. Finally might I recommend that you continue to write lyrics at 2am, as they were some of the most honest lyrics I've heard in a while.

@curlyhead_P - for some reason I never expected your song to explode with so much energy after the intro it has, however I really enjoyed it, do you have any studio or non live recordings I could listen to?
This is brilliant loving the wub wub with the snare drum. That's a great mix of an idea. Simple but effective chill tune in the beginning. But when you start going with those power chords and shredding the song really gets into gear. Needs more bass and a better kick drum cause I can here the snare but the kick seem non existent while the guitar is playing. So if possible add some double bass to drive the guitar part. Other then that I enjoyed it very chill indeed

@New beginnings

Loving the atmosphere here. I would turn up the levels and normalize the mix. Possible add reverb to create some space. The guitar tones in both tracks sound splendid very bluesy and I like it. For me the song seemed to drag a bit sounds like your jamming / improvising which is cool. Maybe I'm just waiting for that umph to drive the song but so far from what I hear its pretty chill.

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