I need the technologically capable people of the pit! I'm trying to email a video(mp4 format), but it's way too big to send as an email attachment. So I tried compressing it using winrar and it's not working, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

I've tried it as a .rar and .zip file. It shows the new folder on my desktop with the files inside, but it doesn't really seem to do anything and I still can't attach it. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!
Upload it to one of those free storage websites if it will not fit onto an email. Or if you know the person send it over an IM program.
Thanks for responding, I ended up just putting it up as an unlisted video on youtube and will just send the link.
I don't think .mp4 is that that compressable

Try uploading it to a file-uploading site like suggested.
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I don't think .mp4 is that that compressable

Actually, .mp4 is basically a container. Using different filetypes have their own perks, like being able to store subtitles within a file instead of simply hardcoding them into it.

It's the way the video is encoded (video codecs) that really matters for things like compression. If you want the smallest size at the expense of more processor usage, go h264 or x264. I don't remember the difference between h264 and x264, but I do remember that it is something like comparing a hammer to a method of using that hammer (which probably doesn't make much sense I imagine).

To really get the best bang for your buck requires lots of time and knowledge about video encoding as well as tightly balancing quality and small size.

I think that's right...

EDIT: MKV is the best container IMO for a bunch of reasons, but lots of people complain about compatibility issues with them. Again, if you want to compress something the codec you use is FAR more important.
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