I'm thinking of putting new pickups in my ESP LTD EC200QM (EMG 81/85). How much of an improvement will this make in tone over the stock pickups?

Is it worth doing on the EC200, or should I consider trading up for a better guitar?

what is your amp?
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I have an Epi LP Custom with an EMG 81/85 in and they give a great sound if you want to play more metal style which I presume you do if you own an ESP :') if you like the feel of the guitar then I say stick with it.. and if you want to get a nicer cleaner tone and a thicker distorted sound then go for the EMGs... or if you want to get a new guitar I advice you look at the Epiphone LP Custom midnight with EMGs, I just bought the one with a maple neck and it's amazing
I strongly recommend against putting EMG's through a 1 watt amp. You're going to get clipping out the ass.

What kind of tones are you looking for? I'm assuming metal, in which case I suggest getting a new amp first, instead of trying to compensate with high output pickups.
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how bout a different cab?

that windsor cab is absolute junk (I have one too... its a table right now). it has lousy definition, muddy bass and really weak highs. maybe try playing through a better cab (a 1x12 if you play at bedroom volume) and see if that solves some of your problems. that cab can make an ESP Eclipse II through a Mesa Boogie Roadster sound weak (I have tried), can't imagine you're having more luck
I'm happy enough with the tone from my Jackson through the same amp, and the ESP has always sounded a little bit dull in comparison (the same through my son's Peavey Vypyr). I'm just wondering whether active EMG's will sound a lot better than the stock pickups (ESP-EMG passive). I don't want to waste the time and money if there's not much difference.