I like the big sound but have small fingers, so I am looking for a full-size dread or advanced jumbo with a 24 3/4" scale. All the shorter scale guitars seem to be smaller bodies with less bass. Any suggestions?


"All Seagull guitars have a 24.84" scale length, Indian Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge, 16" fingerboard radius, 14:1 ratio tuning machines."


Would that be close enough?

Recording King offer a slope shoulder dread.


And also some "extra deep" small body guitars


that you might like to consider.
Thanks for that info. I saw the Seagulls but just found their nut width is 1.8" - wider than I'd like. Figures...

The Recording King is along the same lines as the Blueridge BG-40, which seems smaller and not nearly as loud/bassy as I'd like.
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You didn't mention your budget so I will mention Gibson. They come in the short scale length.
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