I saw this video on youtube where this guy built a true Bypass into his board so when he hit the button he bypassed all his pedals. I'm planning on building a new pedal board and I was wondering how I would go about doing that?

ALSO, I have 3 Boss Pedals, a Dunlop Wah, and a Danelectro FAB Metal, I'm using a 9v 850ma adapter I found. I read that if I use under 200ma that may fry my pedal, if I use over will it fry them eventually? I'm also getting some noise when my pedals are hooked up, I'm assuming its from not having a 200ma power source. Any thoughts?
Best way I can think of is to get an A/B switch pedal, that would split your guitar signal, you could have one cable going into your pedals, and one bypassing all of them http://www.zzounds.com/item--DOD270 and then use a dual adaptor to turn both cables back into one when plugging into your amp http://www.zzounds.com/item--APDGA101
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^ dont do that mate, that'd get you in a huge trouble.
if youre good at soldering just search a true bypass 3pdt diagram, get the switch and wire it up

as for the adapter. it's because you're definitely using a cheap crappy adapter. Get 1 spot or something better if you got the cash. and no actually I dont think having under 200mAh is gonna fry your pedals. Some pedals won't turn on and that's it, analog ones however consume very little like 10mAh or even less. having more than 850mAh won't fry your pedals either. the pedals only take as much as they need.

I'll definitely look into that diagram, thanks.

I was planning on getting a one spot once I got the money. I just wanted to make sure that my pedals wouldnt blow up before I would afford one and since I'm not in a band and I dont use my gear to record very often, I've been taking my time on replacing it. I also have a power daisy chain I bought from guitar hooked up to it, Could that also cause some noise or is it strictly the power supply? I dont want to have to by 5 to 6 one spots to make the noise stop.
A good supply can be daisy chained between pedals with the same power requirements without noise. For home use there is no need for any more than that I shouldn't think.
no mate you only gonna need one 1spot and that hting is quite quiet as silence itself ... >_>
srsly though it's the best deal you can get for that price, the next upgrade I can see myself doing to my power supply section is getting a voodoo labs brick but that's not hapenning anytime soon

the daisy chain also doesnt matter

oh and just to make you more reluctant may, I usually play with 7-8 pedals plugged to my 1spot but now im abroad and I have only 3 of my 9v pedals and I'm running them thru the same 1spot works like a charm. and these are quite expensive pedals so I wouldnt really want to mess around with those if I wasnt sure

np, V
What you're looking for is called a "looper." Lots of schematics available, super easy to build. Here's one:

You of course don't have to have three loops, you can just wire the first loop wires to the output jack, but you can see how the loops just wire from one to the other so you can have as many as you want. (The green things are LEDs, with a resistor on the hot wire, but they're optional)

As for the power supply, the current (mA) needs to be higher than the pedal draw, so the one you're using is fine. The pedals just pull as much current as they need, so as long as the supply can give that much or more, there's no problem.
So basically its an effects loop? I have one built into my amp but I think its broken. Whats the 3x3 square? The rest Makes total sense.

And from what everyones saying, my pedals arent gonna explode they're just gonna be noisy. Makes me happy.
Sort of like an effects loop, except it's before the amp and it has a bypass switch. But yes, similar ideas.

The 3x3 square is a 3PDT footswitch, like you see on most pedals. That's what the bottom of one looks like.