I've seen one or two threads on this, and googled a bit but none with the same situation as mine.
I'm getting small (but still painful) shocks off my guitar strings. Obviously a grounding issue somewhere, but I'm not plugged into an amp.

The set up goes guitar > Line 6 interface > laptop > wall socket.
The interface is USB powered, so the only thing connecting to the mains is the laptop. Would that be the problem? Going all through my laptop/interface/cable to the guitar strings?
I don't know what it is, but I've had the same problem
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Nope, all the cables are off the floor.
Checked the shitty wiring in my shitty guitar, and I have no idea which the ground wire is. I assume its the thick grey one with the white cable inside.
Whenever I play guitar I do it in front of my laptop. This means that I am often using the laptop to find music or something. After 10 seconds or so of touching the laptop and then touching my strings, I get a nasty little shock. So if there is a way for you to bypass the laptop then you should be good to go!
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