i have an ibanez rg370dx. when i bend the high E string i hear a string dropping noise and the string goes flat nd so do the rest of the strings even with the locking nuts tight and the bridge parallel. can anyone help me?
Make sure that you
1. stretched the strings nice and good.
2. You tightened it at the bridge end. If you half stuck the string in there and didn't tighen well, it would come out.
3. You locked it down at the neck properly.
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If you're playing with a floating bridge, which I assume you are by the RG you're playing, then its totally normal for the other strings to change their sound while bending. Since the tailpiece isn't fixed, all tension applied to one string affects the tension of all the other strings, that's just the way she goes. I don't know if what I'm describing is what's happening to you, but that's the best I can do without seeing the guitar. If this is the case, the only way around it that I can see is by somehow blocking the trem, and thereby rendering it fixed.
Yeah , What he said. With a Floating trem. the other strings will go flat as you're doing a bend. You can block the bridge, or live with it.

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all the strings go flat permanently i.e the guitar looses its tuning. a floating trem with a double locking system should remain in tune despite that shouldnt it?