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I don't really like it, but some other people like that sound

+1 really.

Not my style.

I like passionate vocals, or fast/hard tempos.

But i mean the bands kinda got a groove going. not bad, But you sound a bit boring on vocals.

although, I'm definitely the wrong audience for it so who knows :p
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The way you use resonance and the manner in which you pronounce words makes you have a Corganesque sound. The music, just seems awkward to me. Again, it's just my opinion but it feels like the band really just doesn't have it together. I know that you are going for a certain style but it just falls a bit short.

I'm not a fan of the slightly whiny, airy male tone. With the style you are going for there is usually a passionate or tortured sound beneath the voice that you are lacking. Without it, the vocal falls flat. You sound like this is something you are forcing on yourself.

However, your baseline voice isn't bad.
As you've heard before, it's definitely not my style of music, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. I will say, however, that it seems like you over-enunciate a lot of words. That and it seems like you're turning sounds from a B or a D (the letter, not the note) into a really hard sound when it's really not.

Just little semantic things to look at. Nice job.
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