I used to play guitar when i was in my early teens but since moved to drums and now haven't played for years! Looking to get back into jamming occasionally but I didn't really have much knowledge on guitars anyway so bare with me and all help is greatly appreciated! I'm not looking for a starter guitar, i used to be half decent but i never really understood the gear. Just tuned and jammed!

Budget: £250-300 / $390 - 470. New or used.

Artists/Style: Looking to play mainly hardcore and metalcore, think Trapped Under Ice/ TRC/ Lamb of God. Mainstream metal sort of stuff.

Pickups: I don't know enough to have an opinion!! (Noob..)

Location: England, Somerset - TA20.

Previous gear: I did have an Ibanez SA model previously but i'd be looking to get something a bit different. I love the look of a les paul shape but i'm pretty easy. With regards to amps i have a Line 6 GX pod that i use with my computer just looking to get back into it so just need advice on a guitar rather than the other gear!

Other: I'd also appreciate advice on what strings and gauge to use as i don't really have a clue.. i remember when i was younger i used to tune down to drop c and the strings would be really slack and horrible, whether this is due to just the strings i don't know ha!

Any other info please just ask!

Thanks in advance,

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I know some people here might not agree, but I had an Epi Les Paul custom that I got for $470 actually, and it did lamb of god just fine. Obviously you're amp will come into play, what do you have for an amp? Also look into some Schecter C-1s I hear they're not too bad

Edit; Okay sorry I missed the part about the POD. I dont have any experience with the pods so I'm not sure haha
just give me a fender and let me rip
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Look on ebay, you can get some really good deals on guitars there. Just be prepared to deal with the crappy setups people do. Its not that hard of a problem to fix anyway.

You can find some real quality from Epiphone. For your genres I'd look into finding a moderately priced Epiphone Prophecy or Iommi SG, you can definitely find one of those in your price range. They can handle all the distortion you want to throw at them. I'd steer clear of any of the prophecy models that don't have EMGs or Dirty Fingers though most do. A few have Epi Active pickups and those aren't that great.

As for what gauge of strings to use. Thats personal preference more than anything. I use these http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/ernie-ball-2223-nickel-super-slinky-custom-gauge-electric-guitar-strings/100621000000000. They are pretty much the standard though. If your looking to tune waaay down perhaps a thicker gauge would work better.
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If you are planning to do lots of extremities on shred metal and hardcore subjective, then I think you should go with either ESP's (higher-ends), BC Rich guitars or Charvel guitars. If you are going for ESP's, then look for an ESP Horizon NT-II (fixed bridge). They are really nice guitars. If Charvel guitars are your choice, then a Charvel Wildcard 6 would be your best bet, based on the guitar's hardware. However, if you are looking to use a guitar for life, then you have to be prepared to use a minimum budget of $700-800.
If the budget is your issue, then a lower-end Ibanez RG321MH will help you out (although the pickups will suck.)
Hope this helps,