So, normally when I record
I just use an audio interface, plug my guitar straight into it
Or I just get tired and press record and hope my amplifier is loud enough so that it records (i'm not looking at getting a decent quality thing when I do that)

Tomorrow, I'm going to use a recording studio, I have access at
Just a quick question or so

If I plug my guitar straight into the mixing desk, will logic recognise that as what I'm recording from?
Or do I have to go about and select the right input channel etc.

More questions to come as they're answered....
You're asking if Logic will automatically know to create a new track and select the correct input from a multi-output desk? If you need us to answer that, you will probably encounter a lot more issues in a studio that will prevent you from doing what you want... I suggest you have someone come with you who will be able to trouble-shoot and keep an eye on you.

Edit: and for what it's worth - no, Logic will not do that. You need to create a new track (Cmd + Alt + N) and select audio track and the required input in the box that pops up. If you need more than one track at once, create the number of tracks (in the popup box you'll have the option to create as many tracks as you need there) and then tick the 'Ascending Input' box next to the input drop-down menu.

If you need specific channels, you have to do these to individual channels, unless the inputs are consecutive, in which case you select the input to start from, and hit ascending input as before.

As Gary says, below, we cannot possibly teach you how to use a professional studio and all the gear there in a forum overnight.
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If you're using a proper recording studio, surely the studio's technician will be there to help you? Let him deal with that sort of thing - ask questions about what he's doing and why, but no matter how experienced the guys here are, you can't expect a thread in an online forum to teach you how to use a recording studio overnight.
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I know how to create audio tracks etc xD
I probably should have phrased that better then...

What I probably should have said/what I meant was: Will logic recognise that there is something in the input channel and will it appear in the new tracks output...thing...(the box which pops open when you create a new track)

I don't need to be taught how to use the studio exactly
Just one or two things here and there
Are you using the studio's own computer system? In which case, as long as you don't mess with anything, it will probably already be working beautifully anyway.

If it's your own Macbook or something, and your plugging into the studio's gear - yes, Logic will recognise the input device's inputs but you will have to select the right one from a drop-down menu. If you are planning on using your own interface and hooking it up to the desk, you will be limited to the number of channels your interface has available and it will be exactly the same as using it at home (i.e you select whichever channel of your interface you want.

If you are using the studio's interface/preamp>A/D converters>Macbook or something, then you will need to select the correct input device in Logic > Preferences > Audio > Input Device.

Hopefully that answers for all possible variations on you using their desk
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