As I've mentioned before, I have Aria stg003 that I'm planning to replace in near future with some nice axe. Thing is, I'm a bit low on cash, so in the meantime, I'd like to sap what little life is left out of my Aria, but the thing is, it has pretty bad fret buzz, all over the place, you can hear it through the amp, and it mutes the sound if I let the pressure off a bit. E, A and D are especially affected.
Here's a strange part, I'm not too sure, but it seems the more I play the guitar, the crappier it sounds . I've played it for little short of a month now with great intensity (about 4 hours a day), and right now I can play Seek & Destroy almost at full speed, so I plug it into my Vox Pathfinder, but the sound is horrifying, I didn't exactly expect Gibson quality to come out of it, but damn all sorts of wrong things come out of that amp! Hard to describe, let's say it's exactly how a guitar should NOT sound like. The question is, is there anything humanly possible I can do to make it better in order to survive the following couple of weeks with my current guitar? Will the wire change do me any good at all? Also, action's pretty low since it's a beginner guitar, I guess I could raise the bridge some...
I know these are probably stupid questions, but I'm in a bit of financial trouble right now, plus I'm not 100% on what my next guitar will be, so I need to buy time!
Take a look through the guitar setup sticky and give it a proper truss rod adjustment and bridge setup, and a new set of strings. Hopefully that will get rid of most of the buzz.
Unfortunately, sounding like crap is a more ingrained trait that costs more money to fix. You might have to learn to live with that one.
Are the frets smooth? You should probably take it to the shop and have them do what they can with it. I don't see how raising the bridge will fix your problem unless it is really really low. Probably just needs a little adjusting. Buy a PRS when you get around to upgrading.
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strat? for metallica? there's your problem!

Hey, I DID learn Seek and Destroy on it!

I also forgot to mention it goes out of tune like nobody's business, but that's the least of my concerns right now. I'll go through the setup sticky and see if I can do anything later, and report back on how it went.

COREYTAYLOR721, I'm not exactly cool with the idea of bringing it to the shop if I have any other options left, since it requires extra time and money, none of which I'm looking forward to invest in a cheap guitar. I'd much more prefer to deal with whatever's wrong with it myself.

Anyway, thanks for replies, and being helpful as always! This forum rocks!
If the techs at your local shop aren't complete assholes they would throw some ideas at you about what the problem may be, after actually seeing the guitar. That is what I would do.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to look for the simplest solution first and then slowly go to the more complicated. So for starters, are you sure that you are pressing down hard enough on the strings?

Try pressing harder and see if that solves the problem. If not then obviously there is something going on with the guitar itself.