Damn this is f*cking amazing. Where be the Studio version? Love the feeling he emits on the high notes. Such power in his voice it's a wonderful sound. I did not expect to be moved but this moved me and made me smile. Well done!

Not sure if Crit 4 Crit but It doesn't hurt to ask. Would you mind checking out a track I made?

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@Jonathan Trejo - thanks a lot man. There's no studio version of that song (yet), but you can listen to our EP as well as some demos here www.facebook.com/Verbosa
And you can buy our full EP on iTunes or Amazon or CD Baby. And I agree, I love his voice to death. I made a post on your thread. Thanks for your time, and keep doing your thing as well.

@Shawnzy - chyeahhhh

(and I <3 your avatar)
Very cool atmospheric intro. and the odd chord changes in the verse gave the song a cool character, really not what i expected. Singer has a great voice, guitars sound wicked, drums and bass are solid. The "it'll be just like, it'll be just like it was before" bit was very cool, nice and singable. Sadly I can't stand screamo, so the very end ruined an otherwise great song for me.

screaming aside, it's a very cool song. Nice stuff!
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