Hey there guys, a friend of mine stopped by and wanted to cover the legendary stoner rock song Green Machine by Kyuss. He played the bass, but it's missing the bass solo since he didn't really practice, and both of us ain't really bass players, hopefully I'll include it towards the next weekend. So here it goes for all you stoner-heads! We did it in like 2 hours, and I did a rough mix/mastering in like 30 minutes right after we tracked the guitars and bass, so it's pretty raw, but hey, it's stoner rock, so it's supposed to be raw. :P

I tried to replicate Josh Homme's Kyuss guitar tone as much as I could, tried to use identical equipment simulation-wise, and I think I actually came pretty close, in terms of the character of the tone, but not the EQ I guess. I used the Marshall Plexi 1959SLP simulation on Amplitube 3, and ran the Fuzz Age 2 pedal in front of it, then ran it through RedWirez Ampeg 8x10 bass cabinet simulation.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*
Man for a 2 hour jam session you guys killed this! I dont even think i can critique this, you guys really nailed it. The bass solo would have been nice to hear but like you said, stoner rock is supposed to be raw so im not gonna complain. And as far as the tone of your guitar goes I think that was pretty damn close to the actual song so kudos on that to. Well done once again man! If you dont mind doing a C4C the link to my YouTube page is in my sig. Id really apprciate any thoughts you have on any of the covers I've done