I have written songs before but this one im working on has lyrics but no good chord progression that sounds good to me. any ideas?
Well, you could just try a few basic progressions to start off. Just to figure out what key you prefer to sing it in. For instance, G D C D or Em Am B Em might be decent places to start. Once you've decided upon the key, you can expand the chords or write riffs or whatnot.

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I would grab a list of common chord progressions, internalize 15 of them - practice in different keys. For years I tried to reinvent the wheel with these but there's no point; the chord progression is the foundation for all the juicy bits of the song to sit on. The chord progression isn't really the best place to pour your creativity, in my opinion. There are "common" progressions for a reason; songs need to progress, to move forward - certain combinations of chords accomplish that better than others. It's a balance of tension and release.

I say, get a handle on a few of them, figure out why they "work", and then try them out for your own tunes. I agree with the relativity's post to a certain degree though, some progressions are really overused. It's still good to know how they work though.