Ok, so I got an old record cabinet for free off of craigslist, everything works and it even has a radio on it, just missing the needle. it's got mono and stereo outputs, 30w and 40w respectively IIRC. It's solid state as well. NOW! My question is, can I turn it into an amp? also, is there a way to convert it to tube? i have probably a hundred old radio tubes that I got from my great-grandpa's radio repair kit and I kinda wanna put them to use. Is this possible?
What's your skill level in electronics?

Hi-fi equipment is designed for clarity. Personally, I'd take the amplifiers out and providing it has speakers, I'd make monitors out of them. You could even re-use the plywood in it. If you do find a replacement needle, you could also make a radio/turntable combination.
Judging by how you said it had powered outputs, it probably isn't the type I'm thinking of.
..I was watching my death.
Yes you could turn it into an amp but being solid state, it wouldn't be worth it. You can't really convert it to tube in the sense of like cut two wires and plug tubes in or something. You could gut the whole thing and build a tube amp into it though. But at that point, you might as well just build a whole new purpose built amp.