i wanna hear some melodic power metal balades like

sonata arctica - shy
gamma ray - lake of tears
stratovarius - forever ............
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The Balades - What is a Balades?

I've slit the throats of clergymen and governors
Those bloated swine...
May their screams unhinge a thankless crown

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Lord of the Rings - Blind Guardian
Black Heart - Bloodbound
Too Late for Sorrow - Dragonland
Every Night Without You - Edguy
The Fallen One - Hammerfall
Cliffs of Gallipoli - Sabaton

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May not be power metal exactly (but close enough? no?), but although I'm not a huge ballad fan - I love Armored Saint's ballads:

Another Day
Take A Turn

UDO - Azrael
Accept - Winter Dreams
Crimson Glory - Painted Skies
Savatage - Strange Wings
The Rods - Ace In The Hole
Annihilator - Phoenix Rising (friggin cheesy i know)
Primal Fear - Magic Eye
Easy Rider - Where Angels Fly (half ballad..)
Herman Frank - Heal Me (also ½
Grim Reaper - The Show Must Go On
Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde
Metal Church - Gods of Wrath
RooT - Kärgeräs & Rullbräh
Virgin Steele - Perfect Mansions

More heavy than power ballads, but what the hell, anyone interested check'em out.
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